Effect of Technology Development on Children

At the age of 4-5 years, children are in the “all-curious” phase, when they are always curious about new things that interest them. There are two things that children can begin to learn at this age, namely:

1. Using the internet under parental supervision
2. Playing video games that invite him to move

Entering the “all-curious” phase, you can start introducing computer use to children. Because, in addition to interactive educational shows on TV specifically for children such as NICK¬Jr. or Cbeebies, you also need to introduce the computer as a learning process for children. You will feel the benefits when the child starts getting school assignments that require computer use.

The computer itself will later be used along with an internet network that will help children search for information for their school assignments later. It cannot be denied, the internet will make you worry. You do not know whether your child is playing educational games on the internet, or even watching the funny behavior of his favorite cartoon characters on Youtube. Therefore, the key is supervision. You do not need to create security software so your child does not open sites that you do not want. You are the best safeguard for him.

Well, if the child is able to run, kick, and bend well, (it would be better if he already understands the concept of playing turns), you can introduce children to active video games like Wii or Xbox 360. However, playing new video games can be said useful when used as a family bonding device. It must be exciting to play video games as an alternative family activity on weekends. Also make sure that the contents of the games in the video games are good for children.

One thing that must be remembered, the greater the child, the greater the opportunity he has to use technology. Especially now that social media has become a common place for many people to find information, socialize, etc. So, you must be smart to pay attention to the amount of time you spend in front of the screen (both television, computer, to iPad).

And do not forget to always instill in children from an early age that the existence of computers, the internet, and all kinds of technologies that exist today must bring a positive influence, not just plunge and ultimately harm themselves.

Influence Of Technological Development

Rapid technological development influences lifestyles that are increasingly striking. Because technological developments affect mass communication models to carry out daily living activities, perhaps in the past, the internet was considered to be “wow” and complicated for ordinary people, but now we can see for ourselves what it looks like , the internet has become a common thing for many people. Or maybe we are one of them who has almost all accounts on social networks, interacting intensively with other individuals on a virtual basis. And unfortunately some individuals nowadays are too over-looking or using their own gadgets. mostly he doesn’t think what he does has an impact like that. Where, even if and where the individual is, he will not be separated from his cellphone because in the current era cellphones have become a necessity. Plus now it has entered the smartphone era, so many can done in sat just hold it. in my personal opinion: the ease of communication in use is harder the handshake is done, depending on how we as consumers can react intelligently, all there are positive and negative just choose which one


in the present, we all know that technological progress is very rapid. This progress certainly brings many changes to the culture in Indonesia. It cannot be denied that the progress of information technology must indeed occur in this country of Indonesia, so that the State of Indonesia is no less competitive with other countries. .

The rapid development of information technology does bring many positive influences to humans in the world, especially in Indonesia.
Some positive influences on the development of information technology include:

1. Information exchange takes place very quickly.
2. Facilitate human work.
3. Work done by a person becomes more effective and efficient
4. The learning system does not have to be face to face with the teacher because with the advancement of ICT especially the Internet we can do V-class. And many others.

Of the many positive influences on the development of information technology, of course it will also cause negative impacts. The negative impact that I will discuss is the impact on Indonesian culture.
That is ;

1. The entry of foreign culture that is not good for Indonesian children.
That is, we know that new children are very fast to capture the information they get, if the information brings bad influences to themselves, it is certainly not good for themselves and others. Of course there is needed supervision from parents.

2. Forget time
As we know that lately there have been many online games. From this online game someone can forget the time when he is too cool about the game he plays. Like forgetting the obligation as a religious community, be it prayer, prayer and so on.

3. Declining moral values
Decline in moral values ​​is very likely to occur because of the development of information technology, people can quickly get the information they want. For example, now the internet is no stranger to the ear. From this internet one can easily download pornographic movies. From this pornographic film, a decline in moral values ​​can occur among the community, especially young people and students.

From the above discourse we can conclude that from the many positive influences of information technology there are many negative influences. To minimize the negative influence depends on ourselves. Where we have to be smart to utilize this information technology progress so that our culture has always been adopted, not damaged by the negative impact of the information technology itselfREAD MORE

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Firms have their pick of candidates for any of the few jobs they are providing proper now for the reason that there are so many unemployed individuals. As per the news published on Forbes magazine, the quickest growing cities for the technologies jobs are Silicon Valley, which occupies the initial position followed by Seattle and Baltimore/Washington providing third highest tech salaries.

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