5 Tips to Choose the Best WiFi Router

After subscribing to a broadband connection, you may need a WiFi router. Routers enable laptops, smartphones and tablets with built-in WiFi to connect wirelessly to the internet from any place in your home. Choosing a good WiFi router will ensure maximum experience in browsing on the internet using your broadband connection. For the best wifi router, you can see at Routerlogin.

Internet Connection Type

Depending on the internet connection you are using, you will need one of two types of routers:

– If using a home phone for internet access, you will need an ADSL router.

Fortunately, some internet providers may also provide this type of router when you decide to subscribe.

– For other connections, such as those provided by cable operators or wireless broadband service providers, you will need a non-ADSL router.

Considerations in Choosing a WiFi Router

To choose the best WiFi router, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Antenna

When you still want to get WiFi access from another room blocked by walls or glass, choosing a router with one or more external antennas is recommended.

The presence of an antenna can increase the overall range of the router so that you can access the internet from every corner of the home or office.

Some routers have internal antennas but this feature is considered not able to match the range strength of the router that has an external antenna.

  1. Dual-band

Most routers work in the 2.4GHz frequency range.

It’s just that, in addition to routers, other equipment such as microwave ovens, cordless phones and Bluetooth devices also operate at the same frequency so that potentially trigger connectivity interference.

To avoid possible interference, you should consider choosing a dual-band router that allows connections in the frequency band to exceed 5GHz.

  1. USB Port

The router with USB Port lets you attach flash drives, hard disks and even printers, so you can share resources wirelessly over the network. Some router models also support USB dongles.

Be sure to check the specs to see what the router supports. Not all routers with USB Port support dongles, also check whether the dongle is compatible with the router.

  1. Security

Different routers offer different security protocols such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2.

Of all types of security protocols, WPA2 is considered the best so most new routers offer it.

If you have children, consider choosing a router that comes with a “parental control” feature.

  1. Router Speed

Each router has a different speed whether 300 Mbps, 900 Mbps or 1900 Mbps.

The value is the speed that can be achieved under ideal conditions in the laboratory so that when your router gives half the speed of ideal conditions then it is considered good.

Moreover, the internet speed is determined by the Internet provider so that the router speed only has little connection with your internet speed.

The fact is, router speed is more related to improving internal network performance when you stream music and videos, share files, and so on.