A Mother’s Day Flower for Every Type of Mom

Speaking broadly, all moms are same around the world. They have one common characteristic and that is they can go to any extent to save their child against all odds. Apart from that, there are sporty mom, feisty mom, talkative mom, chef mom, etc. Each flower has some kind of reflection of some personality trait and here it would be suggested which flower to pick up for you mom. Check out these amazing mother’s day flowers in the paragraph below.

Rose for traditionalist mom: If she is a traditionalist, she is the perfect woman in your eyes. She may not be updated about the latest interior decoration trends or the fashion trend, but she is always a star in eyes of your family for knowing the intricate details of your culture and customs. You cannot call her boring because she knows what works best for the home, be it the dining table menu or the color of curtains for drawing room. A large bouquet of roses of all colors would be the perfect way of greeting her on this mother’s day. Rose is a flower that stands for eternal beauty and charm just like your mom.

Orchids for contemporary mom: She is more of a modern woman and sometimes, you also feel that she must have been your class mate than being a mother. Because she has beautifully trained herself to be updated about all that is trendy and clicks with the youth and that is why she is more a best friend to her children. So, actually you cannot lie to her taking name of some extra classes or group study or fool her in veil of Facebook or Whatsapp! On mother’s day, get a lovely basket arrangement of orchids because of the abundance of elegance in this flower.

Tulips for Fashionista mom: She is always the one who decides “what to wear” for your college, office party, prom night, or marriage function. She allows you to wear sexy dresses as well and she knows how shopping can heal any mental depression. Tulips are found mainly in red, pink, purple, and yellow colors. You can go for a mixed color vase arrangement of tulips or a single color arrangement. Why tulips? Because tulip is the symbol of paradise, perfection, and abundance. Your mom is also a perfect replica of these traits – isn’t she?

Anthuriums for working mom: No doubt, every mom is a working one but by working mom, I simply mean someone who juggles perfectly between home and office. Your mom gets up early in the morning, prepares everything for herself and for rest of the family before plunging into office work. Take a large bouquet of anthuriums for her on this special day. The unique looking flower is a perfect gift for a unique mom both of them are the definition of purity, innocence, hospitality, and happiness.

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