About Parquet Wood

Parquet wood floor / parquet there are 3 kinds of material choices are:

  • Solid
  • Solid Engineered
  • Laminate

Parquet solid wood flooring is a material made of 100{2a93735a54d6ee8bbdcdf83abb1b48ecf23f2deb16e310e6b2c1776a2899df79} of intact wood and hardwood, hard and has beautiful fibers making it suitable for flooring. The woods include: Teak, merbau, ulin, kempas, sonokeling etc.

In the process of making solid parquet through the first stages of wood that is still split / dug by using the machine to form the boards, then selected based on the criteria and cut into pieces according to the desired thickness, width and length. For more info, visit gkservice.dk

The wood that has been cut into the oven to absorb the liquid that is still stored in it to make the wood harder and harder to expand, then the wood is smoothly shrouded in all surfaces to produce smooth wood. Well, until here the wood can be marketed as “Lam parquet” because it is feasible to be installed on the floor. You only need to finish it after the parquet is neatly installed.

However, parquet flooring has a kind of tongue and mouth / tongue & groove (T & G) on all four sides, it is useful for locking / sticking between the bars with the other bars at the time of installation, so the factory can form T & G on solid parquet already Lam-shaped using a special machine. After that the factory provides parquet solid / unfinished parquet and finished using Ultra Violet (UV) technology. So if you buy parquet solid either Lam-shaped or T & G that has not been finished is certainly cheaper than the already finished, but after the parquet / parquet is installed neatly you need to spend more for finishing that usually use melamik and often the cost incurred is greater than buying a solid parquet that has been finished to the factory. In addition, if you buy a solid parquet which has been finished this factory will facilitate you because you just need to install it neatly, other strength is solid parquet that has been finished the factory is finishing type more scratch resistant and environmentally friendly because it does not cause odor so safe for health. Buy the best on gkservice.dk

Parquet solid-engineered parquet floors fall into the category of parquet / parquet preparations as they are made from different wooden layers but have a T & G shape and the same size and finishing type with solid finishing parquet manufacturer. Most importantly in this parquet / parquet type is the top layer or surface thickness between 3mm-5mm by using a strong type of wood and has a beautiful fiber but the lower layers using the type of wood that is not too strong / hard so that the price is more affordable . The advantages of this type of solid engineering parquet compared to other processed parquet is more stable because it is difficult to expand even though waterlogged, because of the thin layers that glue very strongly.

And lastly parquet floor / parquet type laminate or commonly called High Density Fibreboard material (HDF). This technology is derived from Germany, it is made from fine wood powder which is glue and then pressed firmly using a special machine sehinnga produce shape and size as desired, then the top part / surface coated with anti-scratch laminate material with bebagai kinds of motif resembling fiber the original wood and the bottom is covered with plain-patterned laminate material which is the main purpose to hold water so that it does not penetrate into HDF material so that this processed parquet can be durable. Excess parquet / parquet laminate is in addition to more affordable price than solid parquet is easier installation, without having to use glue because it formed “click system” on each bar so that one day if you want to dismantle it to move other spaces you need not bother to dig it because you simply lift the bar from the edge of the edge after it will open everything.

Each type of parquet / parquet has its own accessories so that it will look “matching” in accordance with the materials used.

So, make sure you choose quality parquet wood / parquet products and use well-tested installation services. Get in touch on gkservice.dk for good quality of parquet products.