Before Sending Goods Abroad, Pay Attention to 3 Things Here

Since various expeditionary services are present in the midst of people’s lives, sending goods to different areas is now increasingly easy. Even you can send goods abroad with certain procedures.

Unlike domestic goods delivery activities that can be done very easily, sending goods abroad tend to tricky because they have to go through special stages. Not only that, the number of freight forwarding companies that serve the goods delivery activities abroad is also much less in number. But fortunately, POS Indonesia and has the service!

Basically the standard procedure of sending goods abroad is almost the same as the procedure of delivery of goods in the country. In short, to ship goods overseas, you must:

Apply for Freight Forwarding

Just like the domestic delivery process, the first step that must be done when going to send goods abroad is to apply for delivery of goods to the service company expedition to be used. In this step, you can visit the shipping company directly, or call the courier company to pick up your shipment (if the company used to provide pickup service).

Providing Delivery Information Related

Once you have applied to ship the goods abroad, then the expedition company will ask for some supporting information that is assembled with goods delivery activities such as delivery destination address, contact phone number, type of shipping service you want to use, insurance services, and various information related others.

Paying for Goods Delivery

Once all the information required by the company has been completed, the shipping company employees will usually immediately notify you of the amount of shipping rates that will be charged to you as well as provide some payment alternatives that you can use. Then after you pay the charged rate, your request for shipment abroad will be processed soon. Visit for details information.

Shipping Rates Overseas with POS Indonesia

Not only to serve the delivery of goods and documents package in domestic coverage, Pos in the world also allows you to send goods abroad with its flagship product called EMS (Expess Mail Service). Even for tariff affairs, Pos in the world offers postage which is classified as cheaper than other competitors.

In general, the cost of sending goods abroad on POS Indonesia is also influenced by several things below:

  • The weight and dimensions of the items to be shipped
  • Type of service to be used (sea / land / air)
  • The amount of insurance fee to be used
  • Packing costs, etc.

These are the things you should look into before sending your goods abroad. Together with POS Indonesia, entrust your goods safely to the destination country without the least bit. Read more about the best delivery service on