Boost Hair Growth with REKZE Laboratories

Biotin benefits quite a lot for your health and beauty cosmetic products that exist in society. Biotin benefits include improving hair growth, nail growth, weight loss, and regulate blood sugar levels. Vitamins are rich in such nutrients can be obtained from one of the products belonging to Rekze Laboraties , namely ’63’ anti-hair loss shampoo and hair regrowth, which contains shampoo with biotin hair growth. Hair is composed of protein so that when the body’s metabolism, vitamin biotin also maintain circulation to the scalp well. So that you may get hair nutritional appropriately. Some of the benefits of vitamin B7 or biotin for hair:

Hair growth

Hair loss is a natural thing. Not fair if the hair loss becomes frequent and more. Because it can go bald. Hair loss is different from cutting hair. Where hair loss naturally followed overall loss of hair without being able to grow again (because the hair roots took ideas). Therefore, the use of biotin can help hair growth. When the hair starts unwell, experiencing hair dryness, oily so easy to break and fall out. Vitamin B7 help rejuvenate unhealthy hair. It is also experienced by most pregnant women. When pregnancy requires a lot of vitamins, so the condition of the body tend to be unhealthy. If the vitamin B7 deficiency during pregnancy, the hair will thin, branching, and then fall out.

Strengthens Hair

The hair is not strong or easily broken into independent reasons why most people, especially women choose expensive hair care. But now, to overcome the broken hair shampoo has been widely circulated. This shampoo contains vitamin B. So that cleanse the scalp of flaky scalp is dry and damaged. So that the scalp becomes fertile again. When dry scalp and damaged, hair cannot grow optimally. Because the hair follicles become blocked by debris, dry scalp and damaged. Therefore, biotin is now useful in helping to strengthen the hair.