Easy Ways to Restore Deleted Data Files on Android Phone

To restore lost data from an Android device after formatted, then the easy way is to use a program to restore the data. These tools are usually on the computer desktop and widely used. Programs like Get Back Data, Data Recovery, Pandora Recovery, Disk Test, Foremost, R-Studio, Recuva, and many other similar applications. The applications can be guaranteed and reliable to recover or restore our data contained in android that has been formatted without us time to make backups of our data. Indeed, not all the data files can be returned fully, but much of the data we were really in full without the disability. I’ve never tried it on my friend’s android phone and its data from sd card  many returning namely pictures, videos etc. for more tips details, please read on http://www.valuewalk.com/2016/11/recover-deleted-files-mac-windows-iphone-android/

Things to Consider Before You Restore Data

To perform Restore data on Android using the Android Data Recovery, you should first do the following things. The following things is important enough to be noticed by you in rare Restore process data using the Android Data Recovery

How to Restore Data On Android Phone with Android Data Recovery

  1. You can directly install Android Data Recovery program on the computer.
  2. Connect your Android device to a computer that you have already installed the Android Data Recovery. Plugging, you can simply use the USB cable.
  3. Once connected, open your Android Data Recovery and scans or scanning on Android devices
  4. Once the scanning process is completed, then do Recovery on display form data that has been scanned. You can perform Data Recovery by clicking on the data.
  5. After Recovery click process, the lost data is now back. The data likely tend not to lose quality.
  6. After of Recovery, then the data is already Restore, should be stored in a specific folder on your Android device