Enjoy the Tobacco E-Liquid with the Technological Device – E Cigarette

The disposable electronic cigarette is one of the latest product. Thanks to technology that has made it possible to enjoy the tobacco e-juice without the fear of tar, smoke and other fatal chemicals of tobacco. Do you want to switch over from smoking to vaping? That’s why you are interested to know about the parts and mechanism of E-cig. You may have to buy some e-cig replacement components, so it’s a necessary to have familiarity with them. The comprehensive guide contains information that you want to know.

E Cigarette


The battery is the main constituent of the E-cig. The user presses a button and sensor inside the battery becomes functional. Different kinds of batteries like variable voltage, standards voltage and mods are available. Automatic, Manual, High Capacity and Standard are categories of these batteries. Find the perfect e-cig battery so you may not experience any inconvenience.

Lithium Ion Cell is the major part of the battery. It is also a reservoir of power. The user can recharge it time and again. It can function for a great length of time; that’s why experienced vapers consider it the most powerful kind of e-cig battery.


  • Don’t charge it overnight
  • Use the original charging cable to charge the device


LED end light is a component of the battery. It indicates that device is working properly. This light begins to flash when the battery is about to die.


The latest versions of e-cig have a sensor. It calculates the amount of airflow of breath. Unlike other e-cig where vaper has to turn on and off the device, the sensor automatically turns on the battery which injects the heating process. Vaper takes the pleasure of the tobacco e-liquid. It gives the solid impression as they inhale tobacco smoke. But, no real combustion of tobacco happens.


This disposable piece is attached to the end of the device. There is a cup inside the mouthpiece that contains material mixed in flavored e-juices. The structure of the mouthpiece allows air movement around the cup. The mouthpiece is also associated with another name ‘’cartridge’’. When the liquid is no more in the cartridge, the user can refill it.

The Atomizer

The debut of the e-cig was very simple. These cigarettes had only three components such as battery, cartridge, and atomizer. The separation of atomizer and cartridge caused leakage problem. Technology addressed the problem by combining the cartridge (tank) and atomizer.

Nowadays, numerous categories of the atomizers are available on the market. Horizontal coil, vertical coil, dual coil, top coil, and bottom coil are the few types of the atomizers. All of these atomizers use the heating element. They also help the mix tobacco e-liquid with nicotine in a cartridge.

Different Chargers

USB charger is critical to the easy operation of the e-cig. Vapers can connect this charger to the laptop, tablet, and desktop to energize the battery. Vehicle adapter is another device that you can use to charge the e-cig battery.

Now, newcomers to vaping can take the pleasure of the tobacco e-liquid wholeheartedly.