Helpful Tips for Deciding on a Domain Name

The first step in creating a website is deciding on a suitable domain name. As anyone who specializes in ecommerce can confirm, this is not a process to be taken lightly. A good domain name ensures that visitors will remember your site, while a lackluster one increases the chances of the site being quickly forgotten. Fortunately, finding the right domain name isn’t as daunting as first-time site owners may think. Provided you take the following tips to heart, you should have no trouble finding a name that’s worthy of your site and its mission.

Opt for Brevity

If you look at the web’s most popular sites, you’ll notice they share one thing in common: domain names that are brief and to-the-point. In many cases, these names are between one and three words, making them very easy to remember. With that in mind, make sure to opt for brevity when creating a list of possible names. Under no circumstances should your name be more than three words, nor should it contain any hyphens or numbers, as these will make it cumbersome to type.

Search Available Names

When searching for a suitable domain name, be aware that your first five to 10 choices are practically guaranteed to be spoken for. Fortunately, searching the web for available – and taken – domain names is a breeze with In addition to telling you which names are currently in use, this convenient site will provide you with alternative suggestions to any names that have already been purchased. In some cases, site owners actually like some of the alternate suggestions more than their first choices.

Use Descriptive Words

To ensure that visitors know what to expect from your site, you’ll need to use descriptive terms that are representative of the site’s content when deciding on a domain name. You may think you’re being ironic or creative by using words that represent the opposite of what your site is about, but this will ultimately serve to confuse prospective visitors. As you’ll find, simple descriptors can go a long way in attracting new visitors and helping them remember your name.

When setting out to create a website, you can’t afford to skimp on the domain name. Failure to put the previously discussed pointers to good use is liable to result in a name that doesn’t suit your site or gel with its target audience. In the interest of getting your hands on a good domain name, remember to emphasize brevity, thoroughly peruse available names and use descriptive terms.