How Japan Meets the Needs of Modern Society

Amazing Helpful Machines like robots have been created by Japan to facilitate human work. Within this country there, all sectors have used such high technology. To make food, for example, food company Kojima Giken started using robots to help produce the work of the cooks who ate too much time.

The smallest robot machine can produce 100 skewers in an hour, and the most can make 20,000 puncture.

Do not get there. When the production process using a robot, distribution business did not want to miss.

A sushi restaurant in Japan, Gin no Sara, tried to use a robot as a sushi introduction.

How the robot work called CarriRo Delivery is not too complicated. The robot only features a navigation system to make it easier to find the destination, then walk as usual to the customer’s home according to the navigation instructions.

Not only about the stomach, robot technology in Japan is also developed to help smooth the transport process at Haneda Airport.

The workers at Tokyo International Airport are equipped with robotic clothes that make it easier for them to lift heavy loads, such as luggage and cargo.

This robot is shaped like a rock climbing equipment. However, this object is actually a sophisticated technological tool that makes its users have legs as strong as iron.

Technologies called Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) are driven by bio-electrical signals sent from the brain to the limbs. So when the brain asks for the knees to be bent, HAL will help us to do the order.

It not only helps workers have more power when squatting. It is also a solution to the commonly emerging problems of illness from elderly workers.

Another Japanese work that deserves thumbs up, namely Pepper, the humanoid robot who understands human feelings. Pepper can remember faces and be programmed to recognize human feelings.

Robots that have more than 20 motors and arms with advanced functionality that is marketed as a household robot that is capable of helping the elderly or a family.

Innovation for the sake of innovation continues to be developed this country to support and facilitate the fulfillment of human needs.

Did you know, one of the reasons why Japan is always innovating is for the sake of achieving efficiency. Typically, findings are designed based on their needs.

Well, do not think long ago. The technological products of Japan are not the only ones that initially felt far from necessarily like robots. If judging again, many Japanese innovations are also in the form of simple products such as household appliances. – There are many other technological innovations that can help human activities.