How to Install a Keylogger on a Mobile Phone

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One of the best methods of monitoring someone’s mobile phone activities is installing a keylogger from a trusted seller like By installing this app on your target suspect’s computer, you can monitor all the strokes they make on the phone. Moreover, the spyware works secretly behind the scenes. This way, it becomes safer to monitor an employee or teenager’s passwords and usernames. Additionally, you can use the app to perform other tasks such as capturing IM chats, screenshots, recording webcams, storing web history, and recording emails that leave and enter the smartphone under surveillance. You can also configure it to email you notifications of every keylog your object makes. Remain with this post to learn more.

Steps to installing a keylog app on a smartphone

To install this spy app on a target phone, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Buy the application

You will need to have the app before you proceed with the installation process. Make sure you buy it from a credible seller. Before buying a keylogging app, you should ensure that it has all the features you need because various vendors sell these apps with different features and levels of functionality.

  • Installing it on a smartphone

After ensuring that you have bought the right app to serve your spying needs, you will need to go on and install it on the device you want to spy on. If you are targeting to install it on your phone, it will be easier doing so than it is trying to install it on another person’s phone. However, in cases where you are targeting another person’s phone, you need to exercise greater caution lest they become suspicious. It is therefore necessary to try doing the installation on the phone directly or if need be, you can get the help of a person who has a stronger technical backbone. Therefore, the safest and best option remains installing the app on a device you have legal access to and control over.

  • Configuring the spyware on a phone

Following a successful installation, you have to configure it to capture the type of information you want need from the handset. For example, you can set it to record keylogs and capture screenshots if that is what you need. In addition, you have to program it so it can send your spying reports to your chosen portal such as, a dedicated email address. It is also possible to configure the application to be capturing your desired information and sending you notification reports at a given interval. For instance, you can set it to capture screenshots after every two minutes.

Installing an Android keylogger remotely

If you cannot access an Android device in person, you can install the application remotely. Here, you will need to do the following:

  • You should find the password of the person you want to spy on. To do this, you need to send an installation link to the owner of the device you want to monitor. You can send the link in the form of an email, a spam message, or a friend request
  • Next, it s mandatory to register the official site, like in our case, MSpy
  • Buy the installation file and then open it on the Android phone you intend to track
  • Afterward, you will have to wait for the app to install automatically since the process takes several minutes to complete
  • The next step should be activating the app on its official website with a special key
  • Lastly, you can now launch the tracking process remotely on your keylogger’s control panel

Installing a keylogger remotely on iPhones

Remotely installing a keylogging app on an iPhone is possible and easy if you follow the right process. Here is a summary of what you should do to install the spyware.

  • First, you should find the Apple identity and access code of the iPhone user you want to spy on
  • Next , you should activate the iPhone’s iCloud backup
  • Then, you should register the official site such as mSpy
  • Buy the installation file and then open it on the iPhone device you want to monitor
  • Next, you will need to wait for the app to install automatically since the process takes between two and three minutes
  • Next, you should activate the app on its official site with a special key
  • Lastly, you can now launch the tracking process on your keylogger’s control panel

With keylog software, you can get access to an Android or iPhone device. You can install the spyware remotely or directly onto the gadget you intend to track. By following the steps we have discussed in this post, you stand higher chances of succeeding in your intended monitoring mission. We hope you are now in a better position to succeed in your next spying adventure.