Mobile Phones Development : Android Kiosk

Mobile phones and technology is one of the developmental impact of globalization is happening today. Humans, mobile phones and technology seemed to be three things are inseparable. The existence of cell phones and technology in this day and age is a phenomenon that can not be denied again in line with the development of globalization. People who play a smartphone is a thing that is not foreign to us. Android firmware updated regularly, Android in Kiosk Mode now in minimarket, many mobile phones technology develop right now.

Mobile and technology seemed to have been a part of human life. Like it or not, willingly or unwillingly, we also have to accept the risk of cell phone use and technology. phones and technology can bring far and away the close. Many of us who did not know the news that occurs in the home environment, but it is by using cell phone technology and we can know the news that occurred from around the world in a heartbeat.

There are also many of us are starting to forget ways to socialize with people directly, they prefer to socialize with myriad uses social networking media such as facebook, twitter, line, we chat, cocoa talk, BBM. This is ironic, is not it? Ironically at a news says that our country is one of country’s largest users of facebook and twitter throughout the world.

Mobile devices and technologies are integrated with social networking media makes everyone drool. They can recognize and interact with all the people from around the world in a very fast time. Distance and time seemed to have been killed by the presence of mobile phones and technology in this day and age.

Development of mobile phones and the technology very rapidly make various mobile phone manufacturers and technology as if competing to be the best. This makes various mobile phone manufacturers and technology considers our country as a very potential market.

Consumptive lifestyle of our society that makes some people to keep abreast of current technological developments. The assumption that modern society is the one who always follow the development of technology is also increasingly supporting consumer lifestyle of our society. As a result, the use of mobile phones and technology is nothing but a prestige event that shows the lifestyle of modern people.

Without knowing the actual function of mobile phones and technology, only a handful of people using mobile phones as a means of self arrogance and self-existence to others. Mobile phones and the technology that was originally only as a tertiary needs now turned into a primary requirement. We can imagine that if we live a single day without using mobile phones and technology, it could hardly.

Mobile and technology created by man is not to control people, but to facilitate human activities. But from my description above seems the purpose of making the phone itself has experienced irregularities. This adult humans as has been mastered even arguably become slaves by the mobile phone and the technologies they create themselves. It is time for us to use cell phones and technology wisely.

The use of mobile phones and technology wise question is how do we control the use of mobile phones and technologies in life to support primary and secondary needs us, instead we are controlled by mobile phones and technology. In the use of mobile phones and technology, we also have to be smart. Intelligent question is we got to know the place, time and the need to use technology. So that people can make use of mobile phones and the technology wisely.