Ring Lights offer very beautiful lighting which illuminates the subject’s face & also softens the shadows. It was the perfect accessory for most of the photographers, vloggers, make-up artists, videographers & hair stylists.

Ring lightings are very handy which is used as multi-use tool for all kinds of shoots. Ring lights will provide uniform light which is coming straight from the camera’s point of view. Ring lights are great for even for the light, and it will help to eliminate the shadows.

Uses of Ring lights

  • The most recognizable use of the ring light was it will give catch light. Catch lights sometimes known as eye lights which cause aspecular highlight in subject’s eyes and helping to draw the attention to them.
  • Ring light, when it was attached directly to lens and acts as catch light, and causing those neat donut-shaped reflections and this particular style was so popular & generally used in the commercials or even in fashion spreads, but this definitely is not the only the use of ring light.
  • There are many reasons to use ring lighting, particularly for the videos.
  • The light will be bright & uniform & can be created in the continuous ring or a segmented ring or an arc.
  • The optical portion of ring light will contains an injection molded optical light guide which is incorporating the LEDs aligned on input edge containing the custom designed optical extraction features in order to distribute the light rays around ring.

Features of the Ring light

There are so many features of the ring light such as Fill light, halo shadow, color effects, catch light

  • Fill light Because the light was coming straight from camera, it will provide a nice wash of the light which is pointed evenly to the subject. By using bounce or lanterns, ring lights will also provide soft, diffused lighting.
  • Detail– If you are shooting with something with lots of the hard lights, ring lights will provide a fill for the detail then you may also have lost in the shadows.
  • Halo shadow– If you have only light, you will get a “halo” of the shadow and outlining the subject, it is a signature ring light look.
  • Macro- Shooting through the ring light will provides a perfect, even light from all the sides of the small object.
  • Color effects– By using various gels on the different parts of the ring light will creates color washes in all the directions.
  • Catch Light – To view the stylized catch light in subject’s eyes, the camera should be pretty close. The bigger ring light means catch light will show up from the further away, but you also need to get a brighter and softer light.