The Beginners Guide to E-cigarettes

Vaping has already taken the world by the storm. Cigarette smokers can be found talking and discussing about batteries, e-liquids, flavors, refills and so on. Amidst so much confusion, here you will get a clear picture of e- cigarette as this article is a complete guide of e- cigarette especially for the beginners.

Learn about e- cigarette:

These are known as personal steamers and are a quite clever option to traditional cigarettes. The starter kits of most beginners have been specially craft to feel and look like the regular cigarette. These are known as ‘cig-a-likes’.  Well, if you want to have something more technical and advanced then you can go for e- cigarette. E- Cigarette Swansea has attained much popularity these days because it is less harmful than the traditional one.

In recent times, maximum people are going for the e- cigarette as a substitute over the tobacco cigarette. Traditional cigarette contains around 5300 elements that have been found in the smoke and many of them are carcinogenic and toxic as well.

What is e- liquid?

E- liquid is now available in numerous flavors ranging all through from drinks, fruits, spices, popular cigarettes and even various articles of food. E-juice contains Vegetable Glycol and Propylene Glycol.

  • Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol is nothing but a petroleum product and is quite thinner compared to Vegetable Glycol. It is odorless and colorless at the same time and is used to offer a throat hit that resembles to the sensations that you get from tobacco cigarette.
  • Vegetable Glycol: Vegetable Glycol is completely a natural chemical and is found from the vegetable oil. It offers a thick feeling to vapor and has a very sweet taste.

How does e- cigarette work?

E- Cigarettes basically have two body parts which consist of a cartomiser and a battery. The customizer contains an in- built coil that works as atomizer. Atomizer heats the e-juice to generate a vapor while dragging. And these batteries are totally rechargeable whereas the pre- filled cartomiser is not reusable when the e- juice inside run out.

Choose wisely the starter kit:

There are so many starter kits that cater for the novices and range up to impressive substance meant the vapers who are looking for a brand new starter kit for themselves.

  • Mini Sub Ohm Kit: It offers the beginners with a stronger throat hit, while offering you with more vapor and more flavor than what you got earlier.
  • Premium Starter Kit: The primary motto of this kit is to offer you with the feel of a tobacco cigarette so that you never feel too isolated with this habit. Well, with improved performance and much better functionality, it caters as the ideal beginning point for the new users who want to withdraw themselves from the tobacco cigarette.

Well, e- cigarette Swansea offers a great stock for the beginners. But if your age is under 18 years or if you are suffering from illness then consult your doctor first. Now, it’s the time to hit your throat and lungs with e- cigarette.