The Effect of Technology Present Day In Daily Life

Evolving technology today can not be avoided anymore. Inevitably we have to follow the development of these technologies, otherwise we will not be able to compete internationally. Today’s technological development began with the invention of the computer that makes the activities and the activities we become changed completely. After the emergence of the computer, we are still faced with a cell phone or cell phone that facilitates communication between individuals unhindered by distance and time. And technological developments of today reached its peak when we are confronted by the invention of the internet in the middle of our lives. you can read some article about loans in top-cash-loans 

Many received not even a few who refuse on current technological developments that could be considered a very fast shot. Just imagine that in just one decade alone we have found our lives changed completely as a result of the application of this technology in our daily lives. As we no longer need to send a letter to our friends or relatives are far away there, as this role has been replaced by email. We also no longer need to call a huge cost when we make direct calls abroad, and many other things that helped due to the development of this technology.

Similarly, in the world of work, we can conduct meetings in real time without having to meet each other just needs to take advantage of the video call facility which is provided on the internet, as well as trade traffic, we no longer need to bother to go to the bank again, we just sit in front of a computer screen and do our business transactions simply by pressing a button on a mouse.

Not only that, for any worker world it has a very noticeably, like programmers do not have to come to the office to do his work, this can be done in the house and just send the file via the Internet. Impacts like this is to make our lifestyles more modern than a few years ago, but it had the effect of turning off the job or livelihood of others that is currently being replaced by technology, such as internet and a robot that is now being employed in the plant for the work of the robot itself is faster and does not cost money to pay their employees.

But among these effects lead to the conclusion that contains positive and negative effects, which include:

Positive impact

– Internet as a medium of communication that did not make the distance and time
–  Media data exchange, using e-mail, newsgroups, ftp and www.
– (World wide web – a network web sites) of Internet users worldwide
–  The world can exchange information quickly and can see the progress worldwide in a timely manner.
–  Media seeking information or data, the rapid development of Internet,
–  make a page of the website contains important information that can be shared.
–  Can be used as a land information for education, culture

– Ease of doing business in the field of trade and commerce so as not

– need to go to the place offering / sale.
– even government agencies could not escape the effects or the development of this technology.

Negative impact

– Pornography, harmful to children under age.
– cultural differences are not filtered adversely affects.
– Fraud, many sites that fraud is not realized by the user.
– Carding, how to shop
– using credit cards is the most widely used in
– internet world. The Internet was the most widely criminals commit crimes
– in this field without the knowledge of the owner of the card.
– Gambling, had the effect of expanding gambling. With a network that is available, gamblers do not have to go to a special place to fulfill her desire to get money that way, even online gambling is now emerging in many country .

Many effects caused by the rapid technological development today. And the most vulnerable and the most susceptible to the influence of the flow of this technology is the world of education. The world of education is the place where the effect or impact of the development of this technology is very easy to penetrate into it. [PY]