The Most Common Mistakes that Lead to Mobile App Failure

In the tech-savvy world that we live in today, mobile applications are our gateway to the world. We play around with games, messaging apps, social media apps ad even have dedicated applications for working out, reminding us to drink water, telling us when our assignments are due and basically take care of us at all times. Mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our lives in our world where the first and last thing we do is check our social media applications on our mobile phones. And so, people are going on creating more and more mobile apps.

However, we often hear other people complaining about how mobile applications in recent years have the tendency of crashing and leading to a phenomenon what is known as mobile application failure. And then, we connect dots and conclude that it is so common that it has happened to all of us at some or the other point in life. Alas! It can be traced back to the manufacturer.

Yes, mobile application failure is a common phenomenon. It is also surprising to note that it is the manufacturer’s mistakes that lead to mobile application failure. So, it must be something wrong done on their part that might have triggered the failure of the mobile app.

The common reason as to why the mobile application fails are as follows: –

Positive about your app selling itself

What a lot of mobile app developers have a misconception about is the fact that the app will sell on its own. Reality check, there’s nothing like that. You need to have planned out strategies well in hand before you put the app out so that it does not tank. Not doing this is the biggest blunder that developers commit. It needs to be visible to the right target audience and even widen its base.

Not making sufficient platform considerations

When app developers make a silly mistake of not considering platform to release their app, it is the beginning of doom. As per your target audience, you need to decide on what platform to release your app. The fact that it should be iOS or Windows or Android is completely based on the audience you’re targeting.

Test the market

It is a fundamental rule, that whenever you are trying something new as an entrepreneur, you need to test the waters. This means, survey the market, research the market. Sure, your idea may be a billion dollar idea; but what if it’s already on the market? All the money invested would go to waste if proper rescuing of the market is not done.

Not meeting expectations

This is a great failure as an app developer. When you research the market and survey the consumers, you get to know what the consumer is using presently and what is it that they are looking for. If you fail to meet the consumer requirement, not only will the mobile app tank, but our reputation could be hampered.

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