The mysterious iPhone 7 design and features..


 The much awaited launch of iPhone 7 is creating numerous rumors from its design to its price in the world of techies. Like all the other iPhones, this is also creating a sense of curiosity and excitement among iPhone lovers. Where on one hand, loyal Apple customers are waiting to replace their current iPhone with iPhone 7, on the other side fans who intend to buy iPhone are anxiously waiting for the launch of the latest and most talked about phone in the mobile industry.

So what is it about iPhone 7 that is creating so many headlines all around the digital world? Well, to start with, it is expected to see the launch of not just one, but two versions of iPhone 7 pretty much like iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple has also announced the launch of iOS 10.0.1 with the new set of phones. The problems in iOS 10.0.1 that caused several iPhone 6S repairs and iPhone 6s Plus repairs gained quite a lot of spotlight post which fixes were released in 7.1.2. Nevertheless the increasing craze of this amazing phone never diminishes and gets popular day by day especially among youngsters.

With a viable choice among two handsets, Apple is all set to conquer the market once again with flying costs. It is among one of the most expensive phones released every year and yet an appreciable portion of the entire population of smart phones sold. Among the two phones to be released, one is set to be of a smaller screen size (4.7 inch) and the other daddy-phone is assumed to be of a much larger screen size Apple has ever launched (5.5-5.7 inch).

Clearly entering the race of phablets along with its competitor Samsung, it can be anticipated that the best of all is on its way. It is also intending to center its attraction on health of its users by including several health-related apps. With the growing demand of energy, solar charging is also expected to be one of the key features of the upcoming phone launch. Undoubtedly, the phone will gain a lot of enthusiasm for this feature from people all across the globe, if it is incorporated. A 13 MP camera and the famous scratch-resistant, sapphire crystal-glass screen are other prospective features of the forthcoming daemon of smart phones.

Certainly this would be a much slimmer phone than its latest ones. This makes us assume that it could also be the much heard iPhone Air. As far as the look of the phone is concerned, it is en route to be rounded like Samsung Galaxy phones, which is destined to take designs from iPad Air.

There is again a light talk about the actor from Taiwan, Jimmy Lin who posted iPhone 5C pictures much ahead of its launch. He has again uploaded his picture with what he claims to be iPhone 7. The design of his phone from his picture and those of iPhone 7 leaked so far surprisingly seem to be similar. Well nothing can be judged to be true or false until the wait for the amazing iPhone 7 is over.