Be Dedicated Professionals

The fact is, no matter how well built a piece of equipment is, sooner or later it will need maintenance and refurbishing. Professionals in the water treatment industry know how important it is to keep systems and equipment running at top levels of efficiency. This type of maintenance and refurbishing takes expertise and skill, which is what Sandling Industrial Services Inc. provides to its customers. is a highly reputable industrial services equipment rental company that offers skilled, high-level maintenance services for industrial water treatment equipment. The skilled services this company provides goes far beyond simply renting out equipment. Our expert staff is dedicated to maintaining our equipment at the highest level, so that it keeps working and providing for our customers’ needs for years and years to come.

Professionals Dedicated to Providing Top-Level Equipment Maintenance

At, we stand by the skill of our maintenance team. Our team offers a reliably high level of expertise in machine maintenence, to ensure that any piece of equipment we offer to our customers is working at its highest level.

There’s no question that the types of hard-working machines rented out by experience a great deal of wear and tear over time. That’s why it’s so important to know that you have a dedicated team of professionals standing by to service this equipment as soon as any problems appear.

A Top-Notch Team

The management and field services team here at is a team that is deeply committed to the goals of this company. That’s why this team has been working together for nearly 30 years. Customers know that when they need expertise from the managers at, they will be getting help from a group that knows you and knows your company and its specific needs.

Personalized service and a high level of expertise in the field of industrial water treatment equipment refurbishing is what the people of have to offer. When your company needs expertise and equipment, Sandling Industrial Services, Inc. should be the first company they call. When it’s time for machine refurbishing, check this out.