Top 5 websites for online ticket booking

Booking your travel has never been so easy. Isn’t it?  Thanks to online booking!  One can plan and book an entire vacation right at the comfort of their home without bearing sweat. Online booking has saved us the pain of running after travel agents and the long queues at the railway stations. One click and you have all the information you need to book your travel including train and bus tickets, domestic and international flights, hotels, holiday packages and the icing on the cake are Discounts and cashbacks!!

Today we bring you the best online travel booking sites in India. And here we go…..

MMT rose to become India’s No.1 travel site, from its initial operations in India from the year 2005 after IRCTC has enabled the Indian traveler to book tickets online after its pilot UTS project in 2002. From then there was no looking back for the online booking system or its users. MMT boasts of a range of customer services that it offers from cab booking to bus, train ,flight(domestic & international) and hotel booking , holiday packages and route planners, flight status and a mobile app . MMT has made many acquisitions and mergers till date and has grown in leaps and bounds.

The website and mobile app are made user friendly as to give the customers the best experience while planning and booking tickets and hotels. Cashbacks on debit and credit cards and ease of pay by net banking have all aided to improve it customer base. Makemytrip has also introduced Pay-at-checkout where a customer can use the services and can pay for the same at check-out rather than paying in advance.

Though started in 2006 (MMT was 6 years old already) based in Gurgaon, in April 2012 has grown to be the second largest online travel website with 30{2a93735a54d6ee8bbdcdf83abb1b48ecf23f2deb16e310e6b2c1776a2899df79} share of the $5.5 billion business. also has a mobile app developed for its customers who can book tickets on the go and also a web-check in app which can be used for any airline.

Have long queries and tired of typing and trying to explain your complaint to the customer service by raising a ticket?? … Loosed up! Yatra has brought in a voice search feature that it has introduced a voice search feature which will ease the burden. What more users can use the microphone to get flight results just by speaking their travel details!!   Come one go try that now!

With its super-cool advertisements on television Cleartrip has carved a niche for itself by showing its aggressive marketing ability in the consumer market. Founded in 2006 at Mumbai by Stuart Crighton and his team, Cleartrip started its overseas operations just 4 years after its launch and has become the go-to travel booking site for the Gulf travelers.

Cleartrip has introduced Lock fare on flights where you can lock the fare when you see it’s the right price but you can always book later… That’s’ pretty awesome. Isn’t it!?You can book your tickets at discounted price by using Cleartrip Offers which are shared on many coupon websites like Zoutons.


It all started with a guy who could not book in advance for his travel on occasion of a festival and had to run about from one travel operator to another to buy a seat home. Phanindra Sama the co-founder of Redbus had experienced the above interesting story and it made him think why not one place to book tickets.

It has been a huge hit and was a breath of fresh air for IT guys who worked in the metropolitan cities. It has closed the gap between existing bus operators and available tickets and the customers. Redbus provides services such as bus booking, hotels, bus hire and very recently pilgrimages.

It’s the first travel startup to disrupt the travel industry to such an extent that when one thinks of bus booking, they think of redbus! Redbus has built trust among its customers and empathized with their need and served them the best.


Goibibo is a B2C travel aggregator .Aggregators are nothing but multiple travel search engines at one place like Trivago (which, of course, is a hotel aggregator).goibibo is part of ibibo group and was launched in 2009.goibibo has introduced PayU – a payment gateway, it has acquired redbus, yourbus – a bus tracking startup and the latest is the Makemytrip and goibibo merger which is touted to be India’s largest acquisition in the travel business.

Interactive website and mobile app have not only eased the mind of the fast paced user but have provided them with multiple options of planning holidays and booking tickets in the eleventh minute.