Use A Online Assessment Software To Know Your Employee:

‘‘Necessity is the mother of invention” so aptly said. With the tremendous rise in demand for advances in technology and employment procedures, there is an introduction of various assessment software to assess the candidates before hiring them.

Various online assessment software has been introduced which focuses on Psychometric evaluation. One such software is psychometric testing software. The word ‘psycho’ means to do with the mind and metric means measurements, thus, it means measuring mental ability of a person.

Tools like Psychometric testing are widely used these days by companies for selecting potential candidates. These online psychometric tests are used to evaluate candidates on the basis of their logical skills and aptitude. Different companies make use of different sets of psychometric tests online. Most commonly used psychometric online test is numerical psychometric online test and reasoning online test. Banks used numerical test for assessing calculations and accuracy. Psychometric online test guides the company to choose an appropriate candidate required for that particular type of job.

Usually these psychometric online tests are used at different stages of the selection process. This may be after first interview or maybe as a main interview. This is really a better way of assessing an employ as besides assessing their knowledge, their IQ and reasoning is well analyzed. Various types of psychometric tests are being performed like inductive reasoning test which judge a person’s ability to observe a condition and from that observation allow him to make his own theory. Thus, they are basically evaluating candidate’s judging capacity.

Companies are using online assessment software for recruitment of a number of employees on a daily basis. The process is a convenient one. Besides being convenient it is more unbiased and a fair one. Psychometric test online gives a crystal clear picture of a candidate applying for a job. The most important skill which is evaluated is situation based judgements which is really an essential quality. An employee should have good and reasonable decision making skills according to the situation presented before him.

Usually the company has their set standards and each one appearing for the exam is judged on the basis of those set standards. Candidate’s skills are matched with those of a successful manager in the company. Basically psychological assessment is done through these procedures.

Why to use these psychometric online tests?

There are several advantages-

  • First, work is done conveniently.
  • Automatic scoring: just by clicking on a button, scores are displayed. Besides this statically analysis is done instantly.
  • Eliminates human error: no chance of human error and unbiased results are made.
  • Increases productivity: as less manpower required.
  • 24×7 recruitment can be done: Online psychometric software can be integrated with company’s website. This facilitates the recruitment as at any time one can appear for the test. The major benefit is on the part of employees who can appear for the exam at any time. This is done automatically by the software without manual interventions. This also helps an executive recruiter to seek out the best person in a convenient manner.
  • Time saving: both beneficial for employer and candidate. The candidate can apply for job online, thus saving lots of time. Employer workload is reduced as once the software is prepared multiple employees can be recruited in a short period of time.
  • Instant diagnostic report: instant reports and results are displayed as soon as the test is completed. This is beneficial for the employee as he can analyze where he stands and whether he will be recruited or not.
  • Find quality candidates: This software allows companies to select quality candidate.
  • Wider reach: any employee can apply for a job from any distance. He needs not to travel long distances for appearing an interview. This increases opportunity for a candidate.

With increasing trend and advancement psychometric testing has become part and parcel of one’s life. Each one we come across takes these tests. This even allow candidates to work with an equipotent colleague thus creating a positive atmosphere as all the candidates working in a company owes an equal potential. Working in such positive competitive environment enhances the company’s progress as well as candidate’s own progress. He tries to work harder and harder to achieve success.